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Ext.ux.UploadDialog (for ExtJS 2.0) demo page.

Usage example.

This is the code taken from upload-dialog.js.

dialog = new Ext.ux.UploadDialog.Dialog({
  url: 'upload-dialog-request.php',
  reset_on_hide: false,
  allow_close_on_upload: true,
  upload_autostart: true


Most configuration options are inherited from Ext.Window (see ExtJs docs). The added ones are:


Public methods

Better go see the source.


The class is ready for i18n, override the Ext.ux.UploadDialog.Dialog.prototype.i18n object with your language strings, or just pass i18n object in config.

Server side handler.

The files in the queue are posted one at a time, the file field name is 'file'. The handler should return json encoded object with following properties:

  success: true|false, // required
  error: 'Error or success message' // optional, also can be named 'message'


The dialog is builded as finite state automata. The state diagram can be found in the dox folder.




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Maxim Bazhenov (aka MaximGB)


Some users reported that add button works in IE6 only if one use non-packed version of upload-dialog.js I didn't test this.

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